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Introduction to Sporting Index

Sporting Index are a sports betting site that specialise in spread-betting but also have traditional betting options as well as a Casino site.

They have been around for 25 years and were one of the pioneers of “in-play” betting and “cashing out”, offering these features many years before a lot of the main-stream bookmakers.

They have great offers and if you are interested in getting into the trading-style of betting, then they can help you get started with their excellent Training Centre.

As mentioned, they have a Casino site but this review will focus on their Sportsbook, If you want to get notifications about new reviews, offers and articles, please click on the Bell icon.

In this review we will look at Sporting Index ’s:

• Selection of Games

• Payment Methods

• Welcome Bonus

• Ongoing Promotions

• Customer Service Options

• Summary and Rating

Selection of Games – Sporting Index

Sporting Index Sports site concentrates on spread bets. These are bets where, rather than giving you odds on a result where you either win or lose, they give you a prediction of a result and you bet on whether their prediction is too high or too low. It’s more like trading on the stock-market than a normal punt.

Basically if they think there will be between 10 and 12 corners in a match you can either bet on there being less or more. If there are a lot less or more then you can win big. The more right you are, the more you can get back, Unlike a fixed odds bet where you either win or lose.

It may sound a bit more complicated than the average bet but once you get used to it you can really see the possibilities for it to be more enjoyable. Their Sporting Index Training Centre takes you through it all and is well worth a visit, even if just out of curiosity.

It really suits players with an in-depth knowledge of their favourite sport.

They offer a range of bets on all the main sporting markets including, football, tennis, snooker, cricket, golf and the NFL (spread-betting is big in the US).

It’s a fascinating way to bet. We have an article with a bit more depth on how spread-betting works.

Payment Methods – Sporting Index

Sporting Index accept Debit Cards, Credit cards, Neteller and Skrill as payment methods.

You can also apply for a “credit account” with them if you are a depositing customer. This involves the usual credit-checks you would expect when applying for credit.

Withdrawals to Debit cards take 3-5 days to process but are mostly instant to Netteller and Skrill accounts.

Welcome Bonus – Sporting Index

Sporting Index’s Welcome Bonus for their Sports Betting site is £100 of Free Bets.

You don’t have to make a deposit and the £100 is to give you a chance to try the spread-betting out. Any winnings over the £100 mark are yours to keep.

As long as you don’t place a trade that will put you over £100, then it really is a risk-free way of trying out the site.

There are some restrictions on the markets you can bet on but otherwise it’s a great way to learn about spread-betting with the chance of winning real cash.

As always check out the Terms and Conditions, but there are no surprises in there.

Ongoing Promotions – Sporting Index

Like most sportsbooks, Sporting Index have a range of promotions running throughout the year. Mostly on specific events and matches.

They also run a great “refer-a-friend” scheme. You can earn £100 cash per friend you refer as long as they make a minimum of three settled bets of at least £5. You can refer up to 10 people so there is a possible £1000 cash up for grabs.

A fantastic offer that your friends could also take advantage of.

Customer Service Options – Sporting Index

Sporting Index have a wide range of ways to get in touch with them. Including dedicated phone numbers and email addresses, live chat capability and even a twitter account.

There is also an old-fashioned mailing address for old fogies, like me.

They have a massive FAQ section and a Training Centre that may answer your queries before you need  to contact them in the first place.

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Summary & Rating – Sporting Index

Sporting Index are a major player in the sports betting market. Pioneers in spread-betting and with 25 years of experience behind them.

There coverage is comprehensive, their promotions are great and the refer-a-friend offer is fantastic.

Whether you are new to the world of sports spread-betting or an experienced punter, Sporting Index are a site with a lot to offer you. And £100 free with no deposit to try them out.

Give them a go and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Top marks.

If you would like to try Sporting Index, please use our links as it helps to support the site.

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