How To Win More On Online Slots

Whether you play slots online or in “real life”, you have probably had the feeling that there must be ways to maximise your chances of winning more.

Clearly all slots are designed to take in more money than they pay out. Otherwise they wouldn’t be much use to the casino businesses who provide them or the developers who make them.

But there are things you can do to try and win more on Slots or at least use the odds and strategies in your favour.

In this article I’ll be looking at some of these things. In particular:

• Understand the Slots Odds

• Investigate the Slots Pay-out Rates

• Make Sure You Get Cash Back on Slots

• Have a Slots Betting Strategy

• Have a Budget – and Stick to It

• Have a Target – and Cash Out When You Hit It

• If the Fun Stops – Stop

• Summary

Understand the Slots Odds

Everyone has their favourite slots.

If you have won big on a slot, or just had a great time and a good amount of entertainment for your money, then you will probably like that slot.

If you have 50 spins without a single win, you will probably never play it again.

It is difficult to calculate the real odds for Slots. You would need to know how many symbols were on each reel and what the combinations, or number of win lines, were available on each slot.

This is normally impossible to figure out accurately.

But, if I play a slot for a while and find that the most common win is maybe three cherries (for example) and this doesn’t even cover the cost of the spin, I normally figure that it will be difficult to win on this slot.

Some slots will give you decent pay-outs for simple wins and others rely on you getting bonus features.

Again, you need to figure out how much you spend before you hit a bonus and how much the bonus is likely to pay out.

Some bonus features, like free spins or wild symbols, can vary greatly in your expected return.

If it takes 100 spins to trigger a bonus and you get 100 times your bet back on the bonus then you will probably make a profit, given that you will have had some wins along the way too.

If the bonus you have been waiting ages for, only returns 10 times your bet you are probably losing out.

Another thing that can muddy the waters is, slots with hundreds of win lines. It may make it seem like you have more chances to win, but the pay-outs will be much lower as they are more common.

The slots with “progressive jackpots” are very popular as they promise the chance of winning a fortune.

The thing you need to remember about these jackpots is that they are not only for players at the specific casino you are playing in. They are available to all players at all the casinos that feature that slot.

So, you are competing with millions of players worldwide for these jackpots.

You have just as much chance of winning as anyone else, but the odds are obviously astronomical.

Investigate the Slots Pay-out Rates

One of the biggest indicators on how much you can win from a specific slot game is the “Return to Player”, or RTP, percentage for the game.

If you play a physical slot machine you will see, in the UK anyway, a notice on the machine that tells you the minimum pay-out percentage. In the UK it must be more than 80%.

So, for every £10 it takes in it will pay-out at least £8 on average.

In reality the machines are normally set higher than this.

Of course, one person could lose £10 with no wins at all and another could bet £10 and win £16. The pay-out would still be 80%.

Online slots tend to have an RTP of about 95%.

Some casino sites give easy access to this. I particularly like Videoslots for this, as well as the fact they have over 3000 games to choose from.

On their site right now, they show the games RTP and you can also see your own RTP with their “My RTP” feature.

So, if you are looking for the games with the best returns, you should check them out.

Make Sure You Get Cash Back on Slots

As I’ve previously mentioned, it is obvious that slots need to make money for their developers and casinos. Otherwise they wouldn’t be successful businesses.

But one of the ways you can give yourself a better chance of winning money, is to make sure you get cash back on your wagers.

Most sites have some kind of way of earning cash back. These are normally points based or VIP programmes.

I’ve written an article explaining how bonuses work at casinos and I recommend a couple of cash back schemes that I think are streets ahead of the usual ones.

I recommend Videoslots for this. Their cashback is the best I’ve come across. You can earn around 12% of your spending on slots back. Up to £300 cash a day from Monday to Friday as part of their weekend booster bonus. The full Videoslots review is here.

Another site offering a great cash back scheme is All British Casino who now offer 10% back.

In both of these sites the money is cash. So, there is no “wagering requirement” to stop you just withdrawing the money, if that’s what you want to do.

This either gives you a better chance of winning a profit or gives you more money to play with.

You should definitely check these sites out.

Have a Betting Strategy

There is no guaranteed winning strategy. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least have one.

For most slots with a good bonus feature, I usually reckon it will take at least 50 spins to trigger the bonus.

So, if I have deposited £10, I will wager 20p per spin (if that’s possible). If I have deposited £50, I will wager £1 per spin.

Another way I bet on Slots is to adjust my bet as my balance drops or rises.

So, at £50 I might bet £1 per spin. But if my balance drops to £25, I might reduce my bet to 50p.

And vice versa. If my balance goes up, I might increase my bet.

That way if I go on a losing streak I am betting less and if I go on a winning streak, I am increasing my bet.

This has worked out pretty well for me, although I know a lot of people who do the exact opposite.

They increase their betting the more the loss.

This seems risky and like “chasing loses” to me.

But as I said, there is no guaranteed strategy. So, do what seems best to you.

Have a Budget – and Stick to It

We have all experienced these “losing streaks” before. Statistically it happens to everyone eventually.

The biggest mistake gamblers make, mot just on slots, is assuming they will win big eventually.

So, they make more and more bets – sometimes increasing the bets in the hope that one win will wipe out their loses.

This is a high-risk strategy for me.

In my opinion, I would set a budget for a playing session and then if it gets spent, I would quit. Maybe for a day, a week or a month.

It depends how much you are prepared to risk. You should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Have a Target – and Cash Out When You Hit It

On the other side you should have a target to reach that you will cash out at.

We have all been there.

You get your balance up to something like £100 and keep betting. When the dust settles, and you have £20 left you wish you had cashed out.

Of course, it is always in the back of your mind that the £100 might become £200 or more.

But if you play long enough you will always start to lose. Statistically that’s just the way it goes.

So, to maximise your chances of walking away with a profit, I suggest having a winning target and trying your best to cash out when you hit it.

It’s not easy to stop if you are winning, but it is a good way to quit while you’re ahead.

If the Fun Stops – Stop

Gambling is a hobby, a past-time, a form of entertainment.

You should be doing it for fun. Winning money is obviously fun, but I see it as a bonus.

The enjoyment for me is playing and getting a lot of entertainment for my money.

My favourite slots are the ones which have great features and where you get a lot of “bang for your buck”.

If I do win then its great but I don’t expect to.

If you expect to win you will most likely be disappointed.

And if you ever feel like you “have” to win. Then it is probably a good idea to take a break from gambling.

Most slots players have no issues with it but, as with any past time that costs money, there are always a percentage of people who will spend amounts they can’t afford.

If you feel like you might be one of these people, then you can find help and advice at gambleaware and other organisations.

There is no shame in seeking help for a problem.

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All online gambling is governed by “random number generators”. There is no guaranteed strategy or plan that will give you a win every time.

If there was then the casinos would go out of business. And that is very rare.

But by following some of the advice above, especially making sure you get the best cash back, you can at least get more entertainment for your money and have a slightly better chance of getting a profit.

I hope you’ve found this article interesting. Sign up for our newsletter or notifications if you want to be updated with new articles or offers.

And Good Luck on the slots.

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